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Special plug-in for Receptionists, Secretaries and Heads of Department

Orkestal is a desktop terminal operator specially developed for Receptionists, Secretaries and Heads of Department.

It is designed to manage a big amount of incoming calls, using a simple and friendly interface. Works with asterisk or elastix, and queuemetrics system. It has an integrated SIP Phone (also allows the use external IP Phone) with all common characteristics as well as put on hold, mute the microphone, blind and attendant transfer and possibility to make a conference.

In addition, this plug-in may import the directory from multiple sources (Elastix, Asterisk, Google Contacts, O365,...), and if you need, there is a provisionig platform for large deployments.

Also it features sending alerts to users of incoming calls through its integration with SMS and email.

Dialer with direct and attended transfer functions

Contacts card (presence, e-mail, Wywo options and directs buttons)

Management panel of incoming calls and call status

Pause Option

Download Asterisk Connect Desktop FREE and 30-days trial of the others plug-ins fully operative

If you have any question, please contact us at soporte@europesip.com



  • Display of incoming and outcoming calls, and possibility to transfer them to internal extensions.
  • Automatic detection of the state of the internal extensions (hints).
  • Attended and blind transfers, as well as conference option.
  • Prepared for very aggressive environments, which receive many calls, and need a quick response.
  • Ability to sort and group extensions, direct allocation keys.
  • Multi-operator.
  • Ability to enter comments/observations to individual calls for further identification.
  • History of calls per kind of call.
  • Possibility of using search filters, quick search, and grouping of extensions into tabs/categories.
  • Integrated SIP Phone with 6 lines.
  • Integration with multiple directory sources as Elastix, Active Directory, Google Contacts and more.
  • Integrated graphical user interface for incoming calls management.


Best prepared to work without a mouse, and in environments where you need fast iteration.

Ultra-fast filter assigned to the operational function keyboard (F1, F2, etc..)

Optimized for receptionists. Its main purpose is not to show queue information (not a CallCenter management program), but to provide easy and proper distribution and management of received calls Can be used directly as a softphone, without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Complete "While You Were Out" System for alerting of calls when absent.

Powerful API that can extend functionality and integrate with external directories or BackOffice, assuming plugins and/or CallCenter integrations.

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