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Download Asterisk Connect Desktop FREE and 30-days trial of the others plug-ins fully operative such as Orkestal.


Complete set of tools to take get the most of your current Asterisk Applications

Easy to use

You do not need to install complicate modules on your PBX. Installation is easy and straighforward, with a simple instructions.

BE Connected! Go BYOD!

Still afraid of using your SmartPhone with Asterisk? Forgot typical SIP limitations associated with Mobile Devices. Bring-Your-Own-Device, and use your mobile and smartphones devices to connect your PBX securely. Use CallBack feautures, Centralized Admin or Follow-me feautures from both, IOS and Android devices.

Full integration

Extented the power of your Asterisk PBX to your Desktop and BackOffice. Tools and Solutions to get the most of your PBX not only with CRM and Intranets, but also with complex UM enterprise solutions, including Lync and Skype for Business.

Cloud Ready

We are ready for cloud, hybrid, or on-premise installations. Use our modern interface on cloud to manage and provision your devices and PBX, or keep on yours using our transparent model.


Perfect for any type of integration

  • Identifies your PBX version

  • Choose products and plug-ins

  • Easy configuration

  • Run it!


Perfect for any type of integration



Desktop product

Use our FREE extensible framework to open your Asterisk World to all kind of integrations, including CallCenters (Url Launchers, AgentLoggers, Screen Recordings). You can even use a powerful pluging architecture to allow integrations with popular thirty party products (ie, Office 365 and Skype for Business).



Desktop plug-in

Use this desktop terminal operator specially developed for Receptionists, Secretaries and Heads of Department. It is designed to manage a big amount of incoming calls, using a simple and friendly interface, and works with asterisk, elastix, and queuemetrics. Also it has an integrated SIP Phone


Queuemetrics Admin

Desktop plug-in

This plugin allows the administrator full control over QueueMetrics. Allows common operations of any call center, and in addition allows to using the functions of spying/ whisper in calls in progress and generate reports.


Mobility Apps

Mobile product

Bring-Your-Own-Device to reduce costs, increase engagement, and enhance communications. Provide business applications on personal devices, across the our mobile applications for your own Asterisk PBX.


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